Welcome to NANNPU
Southern California Chapter.

A unifying voice for all nurse practitioners from Nigeria practicing in Southern California.

Just as the California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP) is for the state of California Nurse Practitioners. The organization provides consistency and expertise in guiding the profession. It also provides information and serves as an advocate for those outside the nurse practitioner (NP) role. NANNPU-SoCal is a sub-specialty in CANP. Through CANP, NANNPU can accomplish as a group what they cannot as individuals, thereby decreasing the barriers to practice and expanding the NP role.

NANNPU-SoCal is very grateful to CANP for the leadership from the Executive Committee, but for the leadership of the Presidents. Please find below the list of NPs who have dedicated their time to guiding CANP as it works to protect NP practice in California.

Our Vision

To be a recognized healthcare provider advocacy group upon which a national government, such entities as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), and some private bodies could count on for primary healthcare improvement, especially for the under-served populations in developing countries

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Member Benefits and Services

More than reasons to join NANNPU SoCal

Membership to the National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners Southern California shall be open to licensed and certified, graduate, retired, and student nurse practitioner indigenes of Nigeria, by birth descent, adoption or marriage, who reside in Southern California, United States.

Whether you are just beginning your NP education or retiring from the profession, NANNPU-SoCal offers a membership category to meet your needs. NANNPU-SoCal membership provides free education resources, up-to-date news on health care topics, advocacy at the national and state level, and the resources needed for professional growth.